Spiritual Now of Autism

Our mission in this piece of writing is to describe the Spiritual Now of Autism and how you as care givers, teachers, therapists, parents, siblings and others can keep up with the ever changing kaleidoscope of this landscape of Autism.

What we have tried to outline here are a few broad structures that can support the children on their journey.

And the NOW keeps changing every moment. And you my friends are the co-creators of the NOW with us. Do not look to identify us by name those who are co-creating with you. Identify us by our energy. Identify us by how you feel when you connect with us. Identify love that flows in and out, all around, within and without.

What you focus on be it your thoughts, be it your emotions, be it current events in politics, economics, romance, be it in your body, be it any thing, forms the reality of NOW that comes to meet you.

You can shift your life experience by just shifting your gaze, your focus.

What are you gazing upon NOW?

If you are expecting to read about how we got here be assured you will not find it here.

Where we are feels like

    • Ease
    • Love
    • Bliss
    • Freedom
    • Clarity
    • Power
    • Knowing
    • Beauty
    • Magic
    • Mystic
    • Anything is possible
    • Dignity
    • Grace
    • Satisfaction
    • Complete
    • Strength
    • Well Being
    • Creation
    • Co-creation
    • Music
    • Silence
    • Rejuvenation
    • Replenishment
    • Celebration
    • Allowing
    • Unity
    • Multiplicity
    • Abundance
    • Support
    • Light
    • Welcoming
    • Yielding
    • Energetic
    • Joy


Words are cumbersome for us. Our vibrational frequency is different. It can be felt by any of you who want to experience life in its pure loving joyful form. No one is chosen specially. All of you are here reading this indicates you are resonating with our vibration and are in the vicinity of our resonance.

We all exist in parallel universes. We are all multi dimensional beings. We travel astrally. We choose earth for this lifetime because it is fun to be here now. But we choose the silences; we choose to view through the lens of energy and vibration. Because it is fun!

If you are here reading this then you have chosen The Autism Lens for your experiencing. There are many other lenses available to each.

We are not in a hurry. If you feel any acceleration then it is your own beam of focus driving you. We are not urging you to do anything other than be your authentic self and to become more of yourself. This is easy once you start going inwards for answers and solutions. Nothing exists outside of you. Everything you need is within you.

Get this: We are here just for the fun of it. There is nothing serious going on here.