We offer educational intervention for children and adults with developmental lags through Remedial Education, Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Kollam therapy,Communication Therapy, Social Therapy, Sports, Cooking and Play.

We offer self-development and counseling services to parents and siblings of people with Special Needs.

  • We focus on helping the children to settle down with their body and emotions so that they can do their day to day work effectively.
  • We believe that if the child is happy and peaceful then they can be guided to learning new things and to be able to remedy their challenges at their own pace.
  • We look out for the child’s perspective at all times and try to work with the expectations of the family and his environment so that the children may live a meaningful life together with others.
  • We lay strong emphasis on the holistic development of the children by considering the diet, life rhythm, activities and abilities to manage life on a day to day basis. We suggest remedial measures where we find gaps.