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Lotus Centre For Autism

(A Unit of The Lotus Foundation)

A community living facility that includes a school for people with Autism, an assisted living facility for people with Autism and a community living apartment for parents and families of people with Autism.

The Lotus Foundation is a registered welfare trust working predominantly in the area of education for persons with Autism. We have 80G facility and CSR Certification to receive funds from individuals and organisation in India.

With deep love in our hearts and by Invoking the support of our ancestors and the divine, we are happy to announce the launch of

Lotus Centre For Autism at Tindivanam, Tamilnadu.

(A Unit Of The Lotus Foundation)

A space conceived to model harmonious community living and interdependent coexistence for people with Autism and their families in a serene, safe and respectful environment. Here, we are committed to listening to the Autist’s voice and to honour their life paths.

Whatever may be your wish with regards to your Autist, we are here to listen and provide lifetime care for them in an environment of freedom, love, joy and peace!

Give us a call @ 9840714337 or write to us @ nandini@thelotusfoundation.in if you want to know more!


The Lotus Team