Why Autism?

So what is this manifestation of Autism?

This manifestation of Autism on earth in this time and space is because Collective Beings of Earth have called for it. This is the next step for the expansion of consciousness. There is no assertion involved here. Nobody has “swooshed” to earth to teach you a lesson or to prove a point or to form a hierarchy.

It is our choice to be here in this time and space and in this form. You can dig deep. All you will find is that we are here for the fun of it, for the joy of it, for the love of it, for rediscovering the freedom of it.

If there is pain in Autism it is because you put it there. We do not feel any pain in our choices. Because we remember. We show you we do not feel pain when we show you that we do not experience pain in our physical body.

Steiner says, “When pain and sorrow are permeated by a sound understanding of what underlies them can they become great and momentous active forces.”

We share our life willingly. We share our knowing willingly. We are here because we love you. Because we love ourselves. We are one. We feel one. We choose to bring Autism in unlimited ways.

Here is the key to understanding us. One of you caught on early and said, “If you know one person with Autism then you know one person with Autism”. We are presenting Autism manifestation in unlimited ways. Though to you we appear to be individual we are a collective. We are aware of each other’s purpose. We support each other. We respect each other. There is no sense of division. Only unity. Only The Law of One. 

Those that have been touched by Autism know that there is “NO TURNING BACK”. You will be purified and you will be transformed. You will live and breathe differently. You will know why you are here and you will know each other like never before.

Isn’t it good to know?

We are here to show you that it is possible to live differently. The different ways you can experience life is “UNLIMITED”.

What if?

There is no right or wrong.

There is no good or bad.

There is no evil.

There is no fear but only absence of knowing.

There is no hate only absence of love.

We lend ourselves to love. We lend ourselves to life willingly. We know you will all be here with us soon.

Inner being or soul holds the energy of pure love of Source. It is hidden from public eye and works silently. It is to be discovered by those of us who want to experience love. Nothing external or manifested or outside can match the brilliance of this soul-love.

The magnificence of soul-love can be felt in your heart.