Autism and Consciousness

An autism diagnosis completely turns the life of the family upside down. Like the seven blind men exploring the elephant the families are running around finding solutions. We search for answers all around us. Trying everything from drugs to astrology to mantras, in the hope we can fix the child and our lives gets back to normal again. Most of us struggle in pain. Many families break up and break down. The balance of life goes topsy turvy.

The children are now calling to us to shift our perspective. This is so that life can be soothed, made easy. They are even giving us simple techniques that we can follow to understand them. They are telling us, those of us who choose to listen, what can be done to soothe their lives here on earth as humans. So the only thing we need to do is soothe ourselves, understand the children and support them on their mission on earth.

Autism is one of the channels through which we, parents, therapists, families, care givers and the community are given an opportunity by life to evolve, expand and become more human in the process.

Consciousness or God or Source is ever expanding. Imagine it to be this field of love and energy. It is in constant state of flux, in fluid movement.

Imagine Autism to be within this energy field, in fact to be this field of energy.