Breath is life itself.

Breathing is an activity that has the power to direct our lives. The simple act of breathing can show us where we are energetically. This life giving force is what supports us and guides on our journey to shift our stance.

One of the first things the teachers at Lotus learn to do is listen to their own breathing. The next thing is to control their breathing so as to control their energies.

Now the teachers can learn to listen to the breathing of the children she is caring for. Labored breathing indicates an imbalance within. The teacher then proceeds to model slowing down of the breathing herself so that the child may follow and get relief from any anxiety she may be feeling.

This process is primordial. This is the basis of any relationship. This process holds the relationship between child and adult at a sacred space of love and life.

Everyday as soon as prayer is done, every body breathes together. To understand and differentiate between inhale and exhale, OM is chanted on the exhale. This helps tremendously for the yoga and body movement that follows the daily schedule.