Component means a part or element of a larger whole.

The components of Heartism, are the fundamentals or building blocks of the curriculum practiced at Lotus. The manner in which we arrange the components forms the day schedule and the week schedule, the term schedule and the year schedule.

Freedom is the basis of this life. Freedom is the leading light for our children. In this realm of freedom, the children, the teachers and their families experience a life filled with love and joy. Denying the freedom for ourselves and for the children eclipses the love and joy.

The components and the combination of the components shifts from time to time and space to space as is required by the people living it. Because it is fluidity in motion, life is experienced at a higher realm than many others. This causes love and joy to thrive and nourish everyone in the vicinity.

The curriculum is a living breathing entity. The schedule is the combination of the in-breath and the out-breath of the curriculum.

Lotus and our way of life are the leading light for humanity.  We are the leading edge of creation. The creation of a magnificent life.