Our minds are a thoughts factory. It works like fire. When unbridled it jumps from one thought to another endlessly. The twist in this tale is that the mind spirals on the same energetic level if unattended.

Meditation is a pathway to quieten our minds. It is the process to bring focus to a chaotic environment. Paying attention to the way we feel leads us to become aware of our thoughts. This is the first step to shifting the energy. If the current thoughts are not causing you to be pleased with yourself then gently shift your gaze to something more pleasanter. This shift when held for as little as 30 seconds is bound to cause you to be soothed immediately.

A 20 minute stretch of focus and silence is all that is required of you to shift your energy and thence your perspective. Sometimes you may go mostly through the 20 minutes till in the end of your meditation span you may find the soothing you were looking for.

Practice is all it takes to master meditation and through meditation to master your thoughts and through that your energy and vibration.