Mrs. Nandini Santhanam

Founder And Chairperson, The Lotus Foundation

I have been associated with the children with Autism for the last 20 years. I am the Founder Director of The Lotus Foundation, a day center for people with Autism. I wrote HEARTISM, the curriculum and way of life for people with autism and their families which is practiced at Lotus. I believe that the children with autism are leading humanity into creating a happy and free life. Through my silent work with the children I have come to hold the space for evolution that is in process. I listen deeply to what the children are communicating and to share with the world what the children’s messages are from time to time. I shall share with whoever is ready to understand that the triad of intentions with which the children with autism are born are Joy, Love and Freedom. I also believe that the children are energetically pure deliberately choosing silence over chatter.

Mrs. Subhadra Vijay

Founder Trustee, The Lotus Foundation

Mrs. Mythily Chari

Trustee, The Lotus Foundation

Born 19th of August 1952. Schooling and college Kerala State. Married Army officer C.T.Chari in 1972. Two sons; Ranjan and Satyan Chari. Elder son runs his own company in the U.S is citizen of that country. Younger son Dr. Satyan Chari is an Australian Citizen working in Health Care Department. Major General C.T.Chari was awarded Doctorate for his research on Pavements and Airfields. Mythily obtained two degrees from the University of Florida, Gainesvile, Masters In Education (M.Ed)1988, and Education Specialist(Ed.S)1998. In the year 2006 Chari and Mythily founded the Commandur Foundation a not for profit Trust to work for the Rehabilitation of Autistic individuals and family. Since Chari’s demise in 2015, his younger brother C.R.Chari has joined and continues to support the various ventures. The website perhaps the first in the country) is maintained by the other trustee Ranjan since 1999. About the trustMythily has pioneered many programs in the country under The Rehabilitation Council of India. She has worked with other NGOs in leadership positions. However the Trust’s objective was twin fold to stay away from institutionalising rehabilitative services, and demystifying Autism. Mythily has collaborated with more than 70 organizations nationwide in capacity building and strengthened the family fabric of more than 700 families. CF Trust has organized many International Conferences and Seminars in India and professionals have been invited from time to time to conduct training programs for professionals and parents. The Trust has sponsored sports events and talent shows organized by Lotus Foundation Chennai. Every year cash awards are given to outstanding persons on the spectrum for their excellence in their chosen area. Collaboration and Team work has been the Mantra. Faith and Belief Faith and belief are the bedrock upon which philosophy is formulated and services follow. If Autism was viewed as a medical condition, treatment followed, if it was considered a condition therapy followed. If it is viewed as a phenomenon we shift gear and start listening to what the autists have to tell. For the past decade savants started homing in on to Mythily and the paradigm shifted. Based on her research she has authored Autism Book of Revelations, co-authored by the savants themselves whom she now addresses as Masters. Way Forwards: Lotus the Karma Bhoomi Truth about Autism If autistic individuals are not viewed as symptom bearers then how would the services take shape? Having witnessed the changed and charged scenario at Lotus Foundation Mythily joined Lotus as its Trustee and spokesperson. Autism Masters guide the staff to work in a highly altered conscious state. The system there is not rigid nor structured, it is sensitive to the changing energies of the children. Many parents have already experienced the truth that their kids have chosen them as their parents to work out their shared karma. Mythily hopes to share news about Autism Matrix the Divinity Principle in coming years. If this is what the Masters want then this will happen. Earth is flat days are over. Earth is round. The Masters show us the possibility of becoming a better version of ourselves. Books authored/Coauthored
  • Autism Diagnosis and After (2004)
  • Including Students with Autism In Regular Schools (2008)
  • Autism Book of Revelations (2015)
  • Autobiography of an Autism Enterprenuer (2017)
  • Owners Manual for Autism (2018)

Dr. K Shanthi

Managing Trustee, The Lotus Foundation Chief Digital Officer, TNQ Technologies, President, AuthorCafe

Dr Shanthi Krishnamoorthy is the Chief Digital Officer in ‘TNQ Books and Journals Private Limited’, a publishing technology and services company based in Chennai, India. TNQ today serves some of the world leaders in STM publishing like Elsevier, Cambridge University Press, e-Life, Royal Society of Chemistry etc. across time zones from Australia to North America, specialising in Roman script composition and XML-first production processes. She is also the President of AuthorCafe a unit of TNQ Books and Journals Private Limited.

Dr Shanthi graduated with a degree in chemistry and then went on to do her Masters in Analytical Chemistry from University of Madras. She is a first rank holder, gold medallist and was awarded scholarship for excellent academic performance. She was awarded Research Fellowship for research program by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and by the council of Scientific and Industrial research. She then set her mind on securing a Doctorate in Chemistry from IIT MADRAS.

After her PhD from IIT, Dr Shanthi held senior engineer position at JTS Technology Limited, heading the chemical laboratory and the engineering department of sub assemblies of disk drives. Shanthi joined TNQ as a Copy editor trainee in 1999. She progressed extensively each year showing innovative growth with tireless determination. She was elevated to the position of Chief Operating Officer in April 2009.

She is known for her championship of technology as an amplifier of human potential, and her passion for applying software in purposeful ways to address some of the biggest challenges in our business processes.

Also, she is a Life member at Indian Society of Analytical Scientists, Royal Society of Chemistry, American Society Of Chemistry and Scholarly Society for Publishing and a member of the Indian Association for Environmental Management.

Besides confidence, she knows exactly what she wants. She came with a vision; she is creative and adaptable. Much of her success boils down to her ability to connect with people easily.

Mr. Ramesh Bhat,

Trustee, The Lotus Foundation

Mr. Ramesh Bhat, with 37 years’ experience in Wealth Management, Master of Law Graduate (Corporate and SEBI Act) from Sri Krishna Devaraya University and Certified Financial Planner.

Mr. Bhat is a Trainer in the Field of Income Tax, Financial Planning, Stocks and Commodities, Mutual Funds Since 2008. He is Practicing as an Advocate in Madras High Court.

Mr. Bhat had Trained more than 15,800 Mutual Fund Distributors across South India on various subjects relating to Income Tax Law, Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

He is Founder of M/s. Aniram, which is having office with 7 staff members working under various departments in its office. Aniram deal with Income tax and GST filing too.

Mrs. Anitha R Bhat, CFP., Managing Partner of Aniram takes care of the day-to-day administration of the office. His Daughters Apurvaa R Bhat and Anupriyaa R Bhat taken over the business of ANIRAM actively after Mr. Ramesh Bhat started his Court Practice as Advocate in Income Tax matters in Madras High Court.

Krishna Srinivas

Indian Trustee, The Lotus Foundation

  • 59 Years old
  • Engineer by profession
  • Post graduated from IIT Madras and University of Warwick
  • Currently employed in Chennai.

Dr. A. Shireen

Trustee, The Lotus Foundation Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Shireen, is a Consultant Radiologist, practising in Chennai.
However, she considers her primary identity as Mother of her son, Nihal, an Autist.

Dr. Shireen has a deep connection with the autistic community and is passionate about helping the autists and their families in the myriad challenges they face in life, not only through her medical knowledge, but also as a fellow traveller.