"The Lotus Foundation invites you all to live a life in Freedom, Love, Joy and Peace"


The idea of Heartism was born in April 2009 along with the creation of The Lotus Foundation. The program has evolved and expanded as our knowledge expanded over the years. What started out as a day schedule holding the intention of creating a happy space for the children with Autism has since then evolved into a way of living that can be practiced by anybody. It is something far greater than what I could have ever imagined.


At The Lotus Foundation, we are delighted to announce the opening of Samarpan Learning Centre @ Ashok Nagar, our newest initiative dedicated to supporting neuro-diverse individuals and their families.
Grounded in the principles of Heartism, our approach emphasizes love, freedom, and joy as the guiding forces in our work. We recognize the inherent value and dignity of each individual, and we tailor our programs and services at Samarpan Learning Centre to meet their specific needs and aspirations.