Insights Into Autism -1

One of the biggest mysteries of being human on earth is being Autistic. We have baffled all those who have sought to describe us
I sit in the inky darkness of the early hours and I am breathing. Nothing much is happening outside of me. Silence engulfs me.
Life happens. Whether we participate or not. Turbulence in the world be it this CORONA Virus or wars or any kind of hate act
All of us are always Here And Now. All of us have a past and all of us have a future. No exceptions. Life
Children want to clarify about Art and Colours and some more. Only we each know what is going on inside of us at any
Dear Hearts! We are sending so much love to you! You are doing extremely well. The new world that is being created is being
Are you on your path precious mates? The Path to Freedom! The Path to Love! The Path to Joy! The Path to Expansion! The
There are many many answers to this question – What is Autism? The answers are all depending on the perspective from which you are