Humanity is at crossroads now. Each individual has the power of choices. Each individual is called to exercise this option to create the life he/she wishes for themselves. This is a good moment to pause and check-in with your soul.

We Autists are here on earth at this time and space to just model our chosen way of life. If this resonates with you then you may find a way to integrate aspects of it into your way of life that you think you can.

Be easy about it. Stressing about it will slow down the process. Getting frustrated if you are unable to shift in your attempts will slow down the process too. Do it because you perceive that this shall make you feel better and your quality of life will be better.

Remember you cannot shift any others perspective. Only yours.

Ironically we are trying to do just that. But then this is in response to your asking. Some of you wanted to know what does the presence of us Autists mean in this time and place. So we are telling you.

View this sharing from us as a response to your question. We are the answer you are seeking.