Lyrica Mia

A Message Inspired by Autism Mind

What if suddenly the world could see another view? A vision that autism is a higher form of being, not lower? That we in autism are blessed with spiritual abilities and possibilities that help us transcend the lower world trappings to find our own truth, purpose, and way? What if from our enlightenment we can become teachers and leaders for our parents and others? Don’t we already give to those we love endless opportunities to master unconditional love?  

What if there is truly a Language of Light that does not require words to be spoken? Who better to receive and transmit these holy thoughtforms than those of us who are uniquely “wired” for spiritual communications?

What if we have all chosen to come here in this compromised vehicle to assist with the Earth and humanity’s ascension process at the proper time, place, and way? What if we have the capacity to channel Divine energy messages and meanings to a world trapped in darkness?  

What if we are Earth angels here to serve and teach in ways that few of us yet understand and know? What if parents knew that they had been blessed with a healer soul waiting for its freedom?  

What if the awakening of autism required a critical mass of the world embracing us as God’s Great Gift to them? What might happen if the seal of disapproval on autism was removed? What might happen if for just one day, we could exist in an energy field devoid of negativity, hatred, and anger against the very form of our being?  

Better yet what might happen if we were treated with great respect and honored as future teachers in the making? What if people started to actively support this process of freedom? Not freedom from our autism, but freedom from the negative thoughts and feelings projected toward autism and those of us who wear this label? What if being a person in autism was seen as exceptional, unique, a person capable of great wisdom and healing powers?  

Who dares to take this risk? Who can feel a core of truth in this vision? Who is willing to release old concepts of autism to help usher in the new Autism Truth? This is not a fantasy. This is a reality waiting to be created by those with the heart, vision, and soul to be pioneers for the New Age of Autism. It is the dawn that follows the night.