Autists On The Lotus Team

Krishna Kumar
Music Therapist

Krishna is a 44 year old person with Autism. He is passionate about music. Krishna teaches authenticity and freedom to the world through his presence. His gentle yet powerful presence combined with his sonorous voice touches the core of the soul of whoever who is listening to him. He loves to compose songs along with his mother Meera Balachander. He also sews on the sewing machine to create colourful cloth bags along with his mother.
K Subhashri
Office Assistant

Subhashri is a 30 year old person on the spectrum. She loves that people are happy and kind to one another. Subha is a teacher of unconditional love.
Gayathri Srinivas
Teacher Assistant

Gayathri is a 26 year old young woman on the autism spectrum. She is a post-graduate degree holder in Human Resource Management. She is happily married for the last 2 years to a wonderful man. Her birth family, her marital family and the Lotus family have all been blessed by her true presence. She is endearing and kind to those around her. A kind soul who is changing perception about family and relationships. She is a teacher assistant at Lotus.
B Arun

Arun is a 21 year old young man on the autism spectrum. He is on the training track at Lotus. He works with various teachers supporting them in various activities such as sports, arts, gardening, music, cooking and many other day to day activities at the school. Arun is a gentle and kind boy who makes his loving way into the hearts of whoever he engages with. His presence is a blessing at Lotus.
K Jothikiran
Musician, Karaoke Singer and Ventriloquist

Jothi is a 14 year old teenager on the autism spectrum. His passion is music and more music. Jothi possesses rare gifts in being an expert percussionist and a strong knowledge of the various ragas and melodies. He loves to perform and enjoys the spotlight as a professional performer. His other talent includes manipulating gadgets.