Abundance Consciousness or Conservative Consumption

The new normal is emerging! It is the life we have been called to live by our own inner being!

There are many reforms that is going to be brought about by you and me in this new normal. There are many ideas that are going to be the new way of life.

One such reform is the idea of Abundance Consciousness. Here it is:

“I am feeling so very much loved and supported. I know whatever I wish for myself or for my family or for the world is already given to me! I asked and it is given.”

So asking is the key here. Ask from a space of knowing you will be given and then lining up with the idea that knowing this will bring you all that you asked for.

If I tend to reduce unnecessary consumption, I am not depriving myself. All I am doing is I am not claiming for myself what I really don’t need.

Explore this idea in the stillness of your mind and you will know that everything you desire is yours to claim.

The only thing that the Universe is asking of us in this process is you have to feel love and feel abundance when you ask. If you feel you need stuff because you are feeling shortage then you are not going to receive the grace till you come to believe you can have it. You cannot receive anything you desire from a feeling place of lack or that you are not having it.

The only force stopping you from feeling the abundance is your own belief that you cannot have it.

Wayne Dyer said, “See it when you believe it!” – true that!

If you are simplifying your life by consuming in moderation, then you are living in abundance consciousness.  If you are desiring something and getting it then you are being shown that you are abundance consciousness itself personified.

Abundance Consciousness is the new way of life!