Ask And It Is Given

We want to clarify and elaborate on what we said earlier about creating this situation collectively.

You may ask “Why would we ask for such a severe situation and people dying and people sick and people distressed in such huge numbers? “Why would we create this fear? Why would we create this anxiety? Why would we create this sickness? Why in the world would we create this lack and poverty and hunger and hardship?”

We say you created this but we did not say you created willingly or wantonly. We as a collective have created this situation by focusing on what does not work anymore. What does not serve our highest good. We wanted it to go away. Nothing ever goes away. There are no closures. Only what we focus upon is kept alive by our attention to it.

What we gaze at is in our life. When we look at the lack we experience debt and shortage.

So the call of the hour from us to you, from us, the non-physical part of you to the physical part of you, is this – trust in the wellness of the Universe.

Trust that just as we created this chaos, we can and we will create the clarity and the wellness and the abundance and the love that is our true core nature. We are already doing it. Many among us are already shifting into the new reality, the new earth, the new level of consciousness.

Trust the process! Trust in yourselves! Trust that you can create this goodness in the world!

We asked for a better life, we have received a better life. The birds are flying in our skies free and clear. The animals are roaming the earth in joy. The fish, the dolphins, the whales and the orcas are singing in sheer bliss. We are already creating the earth that we have inherited from our children.

Let us not contaminate this time with worrying. We will soon be back running around anyway. Only this time we will do it happily, because we have traveled through this chaos to the sunshine that is waiting for us.

We the children asked for being with our parents and family. So here we are given the opportunity to do that.

We asked for abundance, and so we are given the opportunity to trust that abundance is ours. Trusting it will give us the wealth and health and all that we desire.

We asked for raising of our consciousness. And so we are in this life situation where the only way through this is when we raise ourselves to a higher vibration. The supreme energy is calling us to trust the process. To come towards it. To let us be embraced in its love. The endless love and abundance is ours.

Let us shift into a space of trusting that we are going to be more than fine. We are living what we ask for. So let us live what we are asking even before we can see it.

Believe it before seeing it! The new normal is being lived!