Blue Prints

Blueprint means a design plan or other technical drawing.

The amazing children are offering to us what can only be called as BLUEPRINTS which are guidelines to be applied to life. They simply lifts us up to the realm on divine creation where everything is possible.

Tuning into the purpose of the strong presence of autism in this world at this time, I see the rainbow colours of the evolution of humanity in it. 

I will try to explain in words that I can conjure because adequately beautiful words to describe the nature of autism is yet to be coined. 

Autism is the answer to human’s own strong asking desire for freedom. World at this time is meshed in its own web of warped ideas of what life is about. 

Life is about freedom, about love, about abundance and connection. The connection we are talking about here is each of our own connection to our Source, our Inner Being. We who are with autism are showing a better way to live life if you could only listen with your open heart. 

We are paving new pathways in areas of parenting, family, neighborliness, kindergarten, schooling, vocations, collegiate education, marriage & relationships and of course employment, health care, vaccines, farming, food and so many many realms.