The idea that we can be gainfully employed in existing work spaces is a bit pinched off from the true nature of autism and its presence in this world. 90% of the current workforces are actually made up of people totally or partially disconnected from their personal passion, mechanically performing tasks that are usually defined by others who are equally disconnected from their passion.

How does one bridge this disconnect you may ask? The answers are expansive and beyond the scope of this gathering here. Focusing on the question at hand of Employablity we have the following ideas to share.

The work spaces will have to allow for individual freedom, need to engage the autist using their personal strengths and to celebrate each other’s gifts that we bring to the world. 

The work spaces are even now only trying to “include” us autists so that they may show to the world that they are open minded enough to include us, that they are socially responsible and to feel noble in making gesture towards the differently abled community. At best this effort is trying to “fix” us and hammer us into the existing system. 

Just as inclusion as it is practised worldwide is a model that is failing, and just as many educational models have either failed or in the process of collapsing, trying to fit us in the existing employment system is doomed to fail eventually.  

So if we wish to present “Employability of Autistics” to the world it has to be presented as a revolutionary idea of the following:

1. Individual Freedom is to be allowed & respected keeping the big picture in mind. 

2. Employment has to be tuned to each individual’s life purpose and interests, which in turn has to be tuned to the purpose of the organisation. 

3. Variances in individual skill sets has to be celebrated not just between the so called normal and differently abled but among all employees without discrimination. 

4. A top down education program is needed to revolutionise the way employment is looked at. Only when the seers and thinkers of enterprises see the true nature of Autism, can the cadres be taught a new way to look at each other. 

We are presenting these ideas as a blue print of employment. You need to factor in our ideas if you genuinely wish to co-exist with us. Trust us and trust the process. We are here to co-create a new earth. We believe it is time to share what we are here on earth to do in a powerful voice. Take what resonates with you and let the other ideas float away. We value each of you gathered here. We respect the journey you are on. We know that the path you have travelled with us has not been easy. For that and much more unnamed things that you are doing we are deeply grateful.

It is time to revolutionise the way we work in our work spaces not just for us but for the whole of humanity.   

Remember we are in this together. Remember we are here for the fun of it. Remember that we love unconditionally.