Freedom Is An Environment

There are many many answers to this question – What is Autism?

The answers are all depending on the perspective from which you are looking. There are as many definitions as there are perspectives. Attempting to define us in one slot and pigeon holing us there, pegging us within this cubbyhole is hilarious from our point of view!

Here is a fine idea (Oh Yes! We always love all ideas we present!) we are presenting – Freedom Is An Environment!

Stretch your mind and wrap your thoughts around this statement and what it means to you personally. For those imprisoned in physical prisons for crimes that they have been judged and sentenced to, Freedom is getting out of the shackles of the prison. For those who are relatively free in the physical realm, make prisons out of their own minds and then point to everything out of themselves in an attempt to find Freedom.

What if Freedom is the environment that co-exists like the atmospheric air that we are living in. Can we breathe if there were no atmosphere? Then how do we survive so long in an atmosphere of bondage? We survive, barely at that, because we have lowered our standards of acceptable discomfort due to lowered expectations of what is natural for us as humans in this physical form living on this physical earth.

Be gentle as you unravel this chaos of your minds. It is nothing to be afraid of. It is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all free beings! We show you how we can live free. We love that you too can feel free.

This Universe is big and expanding further to hold a space for each of us. There is room for each of us to be free and to thrive!

Do not take our word for it! The only way you can know it is to experience it and live it yourself! be kind to yourself!

We love you endlessly!