Gender and Sexuality

Wish to share a AHA! moment!

Mother of a 44 year old Krishna, Meera asked me – this issue of National Geographic was on gender. Can you tell me what is this gender and how it relates to Autism.

So I was totally intrigued by this question. I took a few deep breaths, settled comfortably and allowed the answer to flow through.

Here is the essence of what I heard, what I spoke and what I understood.

Gender exists only in the physical earth. There is no male or female in the spirit. Gender is a spectrum. Two polarities being male and female. The nature of these polar energies are of coarse polar itself. The image of creation that of the ovum and sperm came into my conscious awareness. The female energy is inward, waiting, very little movement, nourishing, nurturing etc… while the male energy is outward looking, searching, doing, fast, appearing to be random etc.

Every individual is on the spectrum between these polarities. Some aspects of feminine and some aspects of masculine is inherent in each. We come with a broad intention of what mix we want for each life time. We learn to lift up to follow a certain mix of these energies at every moment. It varies from day to day, age to age, time to time and space to space. We are continuously upgrading the aspects that serve us and transforming those that need to serve us better. And so the cycle of life continues from the perspective of gender.

I pondered the question of autism and gender. The children with autism appear to remember the aspects of both polarities within them. They appear to accept the harmony of the aspects of both masculine and feminine in them. Therefor the need to socialize based on gender appears to be different in our children. They choose to interact with those whose harmony of gender polarities complement their own individual harmony. They seek to serve and they seek to be served parallely.

With regards to gender and sexuality, the children showed that gender is a broad intention from pre-birth while sexuality is an aspect of individual will in this lifetime in this time and space.

Basically that gender is a spectrum. There is a mix of aspects of both male and female in each of us. And the mix is different.

Two new ideas jump up from that moment for me to integrate.

Gender is a spectrum and it is individual.

Gender is a choice of pre-birth intention and sexuality is the choice of free will in individual life time.