Insights Into Autism -1

One of the biggest mysteries of being human on earth is being Autistic.

We have baffled all those who have sought to describe us within the confines of language and words.

Humanity has tried to cure us, humanity has tried to normalise us, humanity has tried to define us, humanity has been very innovative, we might add, in finding solutions to make the Autism go away from the human.

Maybe it is time to co-exist with us, and see for yourself that we are humans first and then we have symptoms of Autism.

Imagine looking at a tree near you. Now imagine that a storm crosses your path. You see the top of the tree shake and sway and shudder in the force of the storm. But turning your gaze to the trunk of the tree and slowly lowering your gaze to the ground on which the tree stands and you see such stability and solidity in the tree. The roots though unseen, holds the whole tree strong and solid and allows for the storm to pass it by. The trunk is not carried away by the forces as the leaves and fruits on the top of the tree.

We are such trees. Solid and strong in our core and our roots. We offer ourselves and our way of life to each one of you.

Do not deify us. Do not put us on a pedestal. We are as human as you are. We are as powerful as you are at your soul realm. We are you.

We as a collective have chosen this way of life. Each of us are unique in our physical form. Each have a strong inclination to be joyful in our life. We did not come here on earth to suffer. But we do have suffering in us just like you and you.

So let us transform the suffering for ourselves and for the whole humanity. Let us recognise and embrace the suffering in us and in others. Let us not diminish another human. Let us support each other to find balance and harmony within ourselves and within our families and communities.