Today Heartism as practiced at The Lotus Foundation holds the following intentions at its core

1 To Live Happy

2 To Live Free

3 To Expand and evolve our consciousness through the everyday living

Everyone, children, teachers, therapists, parents, siblings, close family members are involved in the sacred education that is imparted. No one is excluded, everyone is impacted and transformed by living with these precious children.

Law of Attraction (energetic vibrations of the same frequency come together) is the force that drives this curriculum. The highest soul-purpose of the autistic children is being supported and bridged for the well-being of the whole human collective.

We recognize that the education is for the teacher and therapists too not just for the children. There should ideally be no hierarchy (or ego) and is practiced to the highest extent possible at all levels. The mastery of the individual is brought forth to serve the whole and in the process the individual is the first and biggest beneficiary. 

Multi-directional education happens, recognized and brought to awareness so that the transformation can be claimed by the individual as his own. Only then true change can happen in community and the society.