We view leadership as not something idealistic but as a sure thing. As humanity evolves further, the roles of the leaders will keep getting refined and redefined. At this time what we are designing is the blueprint of the leader.

To be a public leader, one has to be a private leader first. In essence, a man who has mastered his life, his energies and his journey is one who can lead publicly.

One has to be the master of his own life. He who has learnt the art of carving out the exact life of his dreams is fit to be a public leader. In his quest to master his own energies all resistances will be conquered. In such a scenario we come across men and women who has lived and experienced life at a microcosmic state.

Being a master of your own life does not mean there will not be any obstacles or struggles on your path. There will be such experiences which will clarify your listening skills to the solutions instead of dwelling in the struggle or questions. A leader listens to his questions as much as he listens to his answers. He knows he is not a singular entity but an amalgamation of a collection of entities which vary from time to time depending on the need of the hour.

A leader welcomes the support he gets from his non-physical collective. He looks forward to the co-creative dance that he plays with his fellow travelers. He allows for the higher knowing of his non-physical collective supporters so that he is acting for the highest good of his family and society and country that he is leading. His actions speak of a subtle but strong thread of ethical moral values as the spirit world sees them.

He allows for the non-physical leaders to co-lead along with him. He knows the life he is living is also a life the non-physical friends are living through him.

A leader is one who has dissolved his ego. His thinking mind is working under his feeling mind. The feeling mind is his real guide. An accurate guide to whether he is on a direct path or a circulatory path to freedom.

A leader respects each and every one in his care. He does not feel burdened by his work but feels sheer joy in his experience. He values his freedom as much as he values other’s freedom.

A leader is one who shines bright. When he may face dimming of his light, he learns to withdraw from public eye so that he may find his core light and stabilize it so that he may step forward again. He is tuned to the subtle energy changes within him so than he can be the leading light for those around him.

A leader leads by example. He is a leader by his competency and internal force. He is one who celebrates the life of each and everyone in his care.

Even though the ones he is leading may be more economically stronger, more skilled at tasks and in general superior in many ways, he knows he is the supreme one in modelling for others what a life well lived feels like.

A leader learns that the challenges he faces are exactly what he has asked, for more clarity, for expansion and for the joy in the journey to reach for the solution. He does not flinch from challenges but welcomes them. He finds his alignment and balance within that imbalance so that he lives the solution first.

A leader is the emperor and the empire. (Through Chandrakanth)