Pregnancy, Childbirth and Adoption

This blue print begins with the UNIVERSAL TRUTH that LIFE IS ETERNAL.

Tuning into the magnificent manifestation of the spirit in human form, the children want us to know that there is no better position than being in this physical form to create a life of grace and beauty.

Here we all are in this physical bodies wanting to live life in love, in joy and in freedom. What can be more important than this?

In the spirit world, we are eager to come into a physical body.

In the physical body we are glory personified. We are grace personified. We are freedom personified. We are clarity personified. We are love personified. We are spirit and physical body melded. We are spirit focussed on the physical body. We are that we call god. We are the totality of Source’s love for humankind. We are all that is. We are almighty.

The human race contributes greatly to the expansion of the Universe through desiring a better life. In this quest Humans are eternally journeying from desiring to manifesting desires. And the cycle is endless.

In this endless cycle of life, birth and death are snapshots of the journey.


As we prepare for our birth from the spiritual world, we design the life we choose to live here on earth. We create what we wish to live in general terms even before we came to be born. We did not choose struggle, pain, illness, hate, war and hierarchy. We created life in all its glory, in grace, in love, in joy and in freedom.


We are in the perfect environment of the mother’s womb to mature and grow to enter the world. Our creation of life that we have designed begins in this womb environment. We are exactly where we are meant to be in this time in our lives. Though how the womb is prepared to hold us for this gestation period is done by the mother, we have attracted this womb experience.

In this state we are pure Source energy. We hold the pure, strong vibration of endless love. We grow from a one-celled organism to become a full-grown infant during this gestation period. We become vibrationally and energetically stable to meet the outside world.


This sacred process of childbirth is generally expected to be a painful process. However, it need not be so. The mother has this birthing experience as a sacred process. It is made painful through paying attention to the resistance for this process. At the moment of birth, the mother begins her journey to allow for the freedom of the child in an atmosphere of endless love. This moment is precious and joyous.  

For us infants the birthing process is a joyful journey to the physical outside world. For us it is the journey of the spiritual-physical passage. We remember who we are clearly, and why we are here. We know that our life is based on the well being that abounds in the universe. We are eager for life.


A child is birthed in this world through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. The mother withdraws from the child at birth to facilitate a life of freedom for herself and the child. This withdrawal has now been perceived as an evil act. A mother is supposed to sacrifice her life and her dreams to nurture the children.

This cannot be farthest from the truth. We are all meant to live our dreams. We are meant to co-create life together.

Adoption is a life situation that shows us that we all create life from the soul-spirit realm. We choose the life we wish to live. Our parents are included in this design. No other person can choose this for us. No other person can even begin to understand the reasoning for this design. It is an act for the soul for this lifetime.