Shifting Beliefs

KIshore gifted Aparna and me with high vibrational ideas on beliefs and how to shift them as we worked yesterday. He made me write as he nudged my hand and thoughts to tune to his. Aparna has been a powerful energetic support as we explored this beautiful idea of Beliefs.

We as parents and teachers think we are there to guide the children but the humorous truth is we are being guided and taught by the children to live a better quality of life filled with love, laughter and freedom.

Everyday there is a surge and peak of vibrational alignment within Lotus and much spiritual information comes through.

The children share with me only what I need to know or what I am ready to hear. They are thick as thieves friends with each other and rock together. If only I had more trained spiritual eyes and ears I could play with them as they do with each other!

That is my prayer to these gorgeous souls… help me to hear you and see you so that I too can play with you all!

Love you all children, parents, well wishes, siblings, relatives and other loved ones here!

Today let us pray together so that we can hear and see our children better!