Significance Of Art

Children want to clarify about Art and Colours and some more.

Only we each know what is going on inside of us at any point in time and space. We are talking about all of us here. Any piece of art is about what is going on within us at that moment. We are quite likely to have shifted that perspective and energy to a better or worse place since then. When you look at any other person’s art it is really a reflection of your energetic vision and not always accurate to what was going on with that when we made that art.

Art itself means expressions arising out of the soul. Be it Music, be it painting, be it sculpture, be it food, be it anything you do, it always arises from the depths of your being.

If something arises in you as you behold any art, then attend to that emotion and understand it. Shift it to a better feeling one if you can. Do not analyse what the art is about.

Enjoy your creative process whatever way you express your soul. We are always loving you endlessly.