Teaching Freedom

I hear the children laugh as I name this blog post. How can you teach freedom they ask? Do you feel free yourself?

Our children had invited me provocatively through this line of thought. I of course the drama loving human that I am stepped into it with gusto!

One of the pillars of intentions we hold as Autists in this world is that of Freedom. We the Autists hold this idea highest even above love and joy. We are teachers of the highest order. We teach not ever through our words but through our example. You have come across some of us who are meticulous about hygiene. We maintain ourselves perfectly, eat what we only need and live a life of perfection within ourselves. And you meet some of us who could not care how we looked, whether we bathed or whether we brushed our teeth or hair.

And in between these extremes are any number of types of us.

We do not want you to pigeon hole us into this or that! We choose to live our lives on our own terms and we mostly do. Sometimes there is deep struggle because some of you want to change us or want us to be in some way or make us do things from your perspective.

Please through these words we ask you to look at us as individuals. Look at us as having a choice and wanting to exercise this choice. Please look at us as separate from your image of us. We have our own plan on how to live our lives.

Can you find it in your heart to allow us this freedom to live our lives the way we want to live? Can you honour yourself enough to take this liberty to live free for yourself?