The New World

Dear Hearts!

We are sending so much love to you!

You are doing extremely well. The new world that is being created is being created within each of us first as an idea, a vibration. We each then add to it and the idea keeps growing within each of us, much like the gestation of an infant and the life-force in a seed.

Soon it will be born. We will see it in the way we are in the world. We will see it in the way we concect with the world. We will experience it in the way we interact with one another. Nothing will be the same again because we each would have shifted the reality and so the new world is manifesting and evolving and becoming constantly.

We each do have to decide the world we want to live in! And walk towards it step by step! Some of us may want love, some of us may want money, some of us may want kindness, some of us may want health. There is no limit to what we desire for ourselves and that is the way The Universe works.

Look at our physical lives which differs greatly from the time we were cave people! Did the resources came from other planets? Did the riches come from outer spaces?

No dear hearts! We created them all! No exceptions! We created them all with our thoughts and intentions!

So can we create a better life for ourselves! Oh we most certainly can!

So let us be the change we want to see in the world!