Tuning To Spirit

As we are preparing to re-enter public life after being private for a period of time, we wish to send you all so much love. We wish we had a magic wand to swish away all your anxieties. Here are a few things that you could begin to practice from now onward:

♥ Be kind to yourselves. Kindness is a wonderful virtue when extended toward the self can create a fabulous life.

♥ Be kind to each other. Particularly the elders and the little ones. Let the wisdom of the ages embrace you and let the newness of the little ones lift you up.

♥ Take it slow and easy. There is no rush in anything. Smile just for no reason. Look at the sky occasionally and wonder at what lies above and beyond.

♥ Breathe as if it is the only thing that matters. it really is that important.

♥ Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Fatigue and irritability appears when we are not hydrated properly. Err on the other side, worst is you will pee more.

♥ Eat healthy and eat when hungry. Let nobody else tell you what you should eat and when. Trust that your body knows what nourishes it. Let your body thrive. This spectacular body of yours is the vehicle and vessel for your life to flow and express in this world. Use it like you will use any tool. Clean it, maintain ti, use it and value it. Stop abusing this beautiful creation.

♥ Start doing things only if you are loving it. If you do not love something, then take a break to allow yourself to like the task before venturing out. A journey that is not enjoyed cannot ever end in a joyous place. If you cannot find a way to do something with passion then don’t do it. We never do anything that we do not believe will be beneficial to us. Be more like us. We are calling you to your well-ness.

♥ Love yourself! Love Endlessly! Love All!