Imagine Life

Each one of us are exactly where we are meant to be. We have created the exact life that we wanted.

Some of us wanted a break from the routines. So we got it.

Some of us wanted to be more private and so here we are in isolation.

Some of us wanted the earth to return to its natural habitat and so this situation has given birth to the opportunity for that to happen organically.

Some of us wanted to know our family members better so here we are in quarantine with each other, there is no other way but to know each other better and to co-exist in harmony.

Some of us wanted to prioritize our life and so we are doing just that.

Some of us wanted to simplify and all of us are now required to keep it simple.

Some of us wanted to detoxify and so we are using this time to do that and more.

Some of us wanted to know more about the cycle of life and what more is a better opportunity than this time to understand that.

The manner in which we are each living these times is as varied as the number of humans on earth. Babies are being born knowing their well being more than ever before. We each have our own unique way we are living now. We call you to respect yourself. We call you to respect and love where ever you are. We call you to respect one another. We call you to respect each other for where ever they are. We just love you no matter what. However you desire to emerge from this is what you will emerge as. You are becoming that which you are imagining for yourself.

Be kind to yourself and to each other! You are each worth it!