The Earth Is A Spectacular Place

This our Earth that we all co-inhabit is such a great place to be in this time! The swing of the pendulum that is fear to bliss can be felt so accurately here. Even though we can fear at times and bliss at most times, remaining in balance somewhere oscillating between peace and joy is […]

Imagine Life

Each one of us are exactly where we are meant to be. We have created the exact life that we wanted. Some of us wanted a break from the routines. So we got it. Some of us wanted to be more private and so here we are in isolation. Some of us wanted the earth […]

Redefining Autism Redefining Ourselves

As you meet us in this new way in every moment, you will meet yourself first as a new magnificent being. In our daily living we fill ourselves with all kinds of things. TV, News, Movies, Opinions, Beliefs, Expectations and Routines. It is now a good time to pause all activity for a brief moment […]

Pravesh on ZOOM Call

Message from PRAVESH during Lotus ZOOM Meeting on 7th May 2020: I am so thrilled to be here. Each one of us are on our individual journeys. Our paths are individual even if we are travelling together. Respect one another for wherever each is. Love them all and bless them all! Thank you Mallika aunty […]

Till Death Do Us Apart

We the autists of the world are looked upon as loners, those who prefer solitude. Yet we are the experts on relationships. We feel you energetically. We do not need your words. Words are cumbersome because they carry heavy baggage of associated meanings with them. You can hear us and see us just as clearly […]

A Decision Made

“The Least I Can Do!” What is the least anybody can do? The least we can do for ourselves is to find the connection with our inner being. That is also the least we can do for our families, our community, our society, our world and our universe. So why do I have to do […]

Energetic Communication

Energetic Presence is our Entitlement – That Which Can Be Called Mine. The first thing that we can ever claim as ours. The Universe is my playground. I am a joyful creature playing in this field. I skip, I jump, I dance, I sing, I draw, I photograph and I get to play in infinite […]

Corona Unplugged

The virus that has come into our lives has come out of Humanity’s asking. We the collective human souls have called for it. The virus is nothing but excretions of our cells which has been filled with toxic material. These excretions enter our human body through physical contact and steadfastly hangs on to the mucus […]

Don’t Just Do It

In our day to day life we are engaged with many many activities. Many of them even most of them are not what we wish to do. We do it because we are required to do it. We are not required to do anything. You may ask, am I not required to take care of […]


A farmer was preparing his land for renewal. He prepared the ground ever so carefully. Tilling it, turning the earth inside out, laying new pathways for seeding and so on. He picked up the vessel which contained the seeds and walked slowly among his pathways disbursing and scattering the seeds. A few seeds were taken […]