A Decision Made

“The Least I Can Do!”

What is the least anybody can do?

The least we can do for ourselves is to find the connection with our inner being.

That is also the least we can do for our families, our community, our society, our world and our universe.

So why do I have to do this? Aren’t there others who are doing this? Just imagine what if we all said that? What if everybody thought the other would do it?

Then there will be no one to receive the solution to any problem big or small! Solutions exist where our inner being resides. All we need to do is to establish connection with our inner being mate and the solutions flow through us to all!

Revolutionizing the concept of expansion, of connection and of well-being for all, let us each today, in this moment decide to find our connection to our inner being.  We are calling each of you to this sweet happy place of connection so that we can together find abundance in our lives again.

Humanity has brought this upon ourselves by our disconnection. Just connecting back will be magical!

That is the call of our times!