Corona Unplugged

The virus that has come into our lives has come out of Humanity’s asking. We the collective human souls have called for it.

The virus is nothing but excretions of our cells which has been filled with toxic material. These excretions enter our human body through physical contact and steadfastly hangs on to the mucus membranes of our breathing mechanism to cause further chaos. The virus is not a living thing. It is just the discarded material of our cells that which does not nourish it.

How intelligent are our cells? Infinitely!

The solution to this pandemic arises out of the physical manifestation of this pandemic. We are not implicating any particular section of our society or any section of man’s economic creations or anything else for that matter. There is nothing that has gone wrong. There is nothing that needs to be punished. There is only deeper knowing to be gained and a better life to be lived.

We are simply suggesting a possible solution.

Do not push against the virus or any section of people who may have caused it. Remember that we as collective humans have created this.

Next gently turn your gaze inwards through breathing. Just breathe. Breath is life itself. It will help you connect with your higher self. It will be the guiding tool to your inner landscape. Breathe and breathe consciously. Breathing is the only thing you need to do to start with.

Next is find a window or balcony and look up at the sky. You may even go outside if you can. Night or day, let the outer space release you from the bondage of your mind. Let your gaze go far out into the universe which is filled with love and forces that created itself. These forces created this magnificent you. This created sacred relationships within and without.

Holding the gaze outwards now send out a prayer to All That IS which is within you too to bring well-being into your lives. Stand there allowing for the forces to fill you with the love energy. This is an individual journey. Good if you can do it together with your loved ones. But the shift has to happen within each of us. Only we can bring the shift within ourselves.

The solution is not out there. Feel gratitude for all who are out there who are going the extra mile to serve those who are in pain. This TAPASYA (Tapasya is your resolve and the constant working towards that aim, without giving up even for a moment) that we are asking you to do is for the benefit of the whole humanity. You are its first beneficiary.

There is great love in our hearts for all of you.