Don’t Just Do It

In our day to day life we are engaged with many many activities. Many of them even most of them are not what we wish to do. We do it because we are required to do it.

We are not required to do anything.

You may ask, am I not required to take care of my family, am I not required to provide for my family, am I not required to cook and serve my family members?

Well! The good news is you really are not required to do anything except feel happy. The bad news is you have to feel happy first to get to do what you wish to do.

Instead of going around in circles trying to understand this process, just try for a little while even as little as one minute to quieten your mind and feel happy. Let every other person, thought and activity be… just for a minute. You would immediately find a space within yourself to find more happiness for yourself. Breathe in this one minute. Let the air expand you. Expand your mind. Expand your possibilities.

You will come to a place sooner or later (depending how happy you can feel how soon) where you feel like doing the tasks or attend to another’s needs.

This moment in time and space is precious for your well-being. You cannot afford not take this for yourself. It is like withdrawing money from your bank account. If you do not deposit your money first then there is no way you can withdraw it when you need it. Recharging yourself is just like that.

You cannot control what comes into your life but you can certainly control how you respond to it. Prepare yourself to respond when you are happy. Then life would not look like a struggle. Life will begin to shine because you are shining bright.

So Don’t Just Do It! Align your energies first with your inner being first and then…….!