Energetic Communication

Energetic Presence is our Entitlement – That Which Can Be Called Mine. The first thing that we can ever claim as ours.

The Universe is my playground. I am a joyful creature playing in this field. I skip, I jump, I dance, I sing, I draw, I photograph and I get to play in infinite fields within this Universal Field. Endless possibilities exists within this Endless Universe.

Humanity has come to believe that the spoken and written word is the ultimate in communication. The spoken word and the written word lays and exists within a spectrum of infinite possibilities.

Energetic Communication is the foundational basis of this magnificent Universe. This Universe is aware of every single part of it. Living and non-living. The elements that compose this beautiful earth can be to some extent understood but the elements that compose this invisible non-physical Universe needs perception tools that can do the perceptive work to understand.

This is where we, your children are. We are part of this Endless Universe which is calling us to understand this Energetic Communication that forms the web of connections within and without us. We still remember what it feels like to communicate energetically. We endlessly hold the space for everyone who wishes to remember this and for those who wish to express themselves in this subtle yet powerful realm.

The energetic presentation of a blade of grass on the ground is very different from the dewdrop on the same ground maybe even on this blade of grass. An ant who is reaching out to the dew drop has a unique energetic presentation. For that matter each ant has its own energetic unique presentation. This differences is what makes it so satisfying and exhilarating to communicate with each other. The dewdrop does not ever refuse the ant nor does the blade of grass reject the dewdrop. The cycle of life is infinite. In the example we just saw, is there a hierarchy of energetic presence? Does the dewdrop rate lower than the blade of grass? Who is grading them and assessing them? Who is supposed to be the controller of everything?

Human being in our quest to understand has forgotten the subtleties that exists whether we acknowledge it or not. Can we ever control anything other than our energetic presence in this world and universe? Then what makes the humans go around and around in circles running around trying to stifle or enhance the energetic presence of one another? How futile an exercise is that? In this futility the great thing is sooner or later humans realise their presence in the world and universe. That is the reason we birthed as humans. So that we have the choice to experience the nature of our own energetic presence and the art of shifting it. The ability to try to shift anothers energetic presence is non-existent. There is no way we can do that for anybody else. Can we make the ant be as a blade of grass? Can we make the dewdrop into an ant? So everybody has the potential to step into Energetic Communication with whatever or whoever they wish. All we need to do is tune in to the frequency and sure enough we can perceive all that exists in that energetic environment.

The contrast of forgetting and remembering our own Energetic Presence is what the joy in the journey about.

The sweet process of communicating with others through energy is the reason we have the gift of Energetic Communication. Let us claim that as our own.

The Entitlement of Energetic Communication.