Life Is Our Creation

We all create our lives. The ultimate onus of creation lies with us. The everyday decisions can be made while you are conscious or unconscious. We may be aware or unaware or better said anywhere on the infinite number of grays between that.

Source does not create our life for us. We are not a puppet on a string. We are the puppet, the string and the puppeteer.

The joy is in the journey! The joy of creating our life is in the journey to master deliberate creation.

We autists are quite the master in this art of creating our lives. We are earth bound for this life time. We are creating our lives as autists here and now.

Imagine your life as a completely stocked, beautifully designed, functionally superlative kitchen. Imagine you stand in it loving your experience. Imagine the choices you get to make as you contemplate a meal or beverage anytime you wish to do so. All ingredients are available. All gadgets are available. All recipes are available. All tools are available. All help is available. You just have to conjure it and it is your to claim as yours.

So is it with your dreams. You can live the life of your dreams. No exceptions.

We remember this as we are born but then we get swayed by the energies around us. So we forget it a bit. And then we get blissed when we remember this again. because ‘lost and found’ causes us to sharpen our desires and we recognize the value of this fact as a blessing.