A farmer was preparing his land for renewal. He prepared the ground ever so carefully. Tilling it, turning the earth inside out, laying new pathways for seeding and so on.

He picked up the vessel which contained the seeds and walked slowly among his pathways disbursing and scattering the seeds.

A few seeds were taken away by the birds even before it hit the ground. A few others fell on the rocks. Once the rocks got heated by the sun, the seeds perished. A few other seeds fell among the weed seeds. The farmers seeds though sprouted, could not sustain the dominating force of the weed seeds so they too perished.

Now some seeds fell on the prepared ground. These rooted firmly to the earth, sprouted up towards the sky and sunlight, soaking in all the nutrients that the farmer provided and grew to be strong plants and trees, doing what they were intended for. Flowers blooming, fruits ripening just giving themselves over to nourishing the rest of the world.

Consciousness is just like these seeds. Whatever may be its form of expression be it the spoken word, written word, music, movement, dance, cooking or any other form is the nourishment of the soul.

A master knows this clearly. She/ he does not refrain from seeding the earth with her/ his seeds. She spreads it anyway knowing that the purpose of each seed will be fulfilled.

Nothing has gone wrong with those seeds that the birds have eaten, nothing has gone wrong with the seeds who has been burnt on the hot rock, nothing has gone astray for those seeds who have been over powered by the weeds and nothing has gone all fine with the seeds which have grown into healthy plants and trees. Each seed has a journey that it lived to the truth that it knew.

Mastery is knowing that to scatter your seeds is all that you need to do. What happens to the seeds is not of your concern. We the collective of autistic children know this and live it to the fullest.

There is great love in our hearts for you and your journey.