Redefining Autism Redefining Ourselves

As you meet us in this new way in every moment, you will meet yourself first as a new magnificent being.

In our daily living we fill ourselves with all kinds of things. TV, News, Movies, Opinions, Beliefs, Expectations and Routines.

It is now a good time to pause all activity for a brief moment to examine if these are serving us? If these are sourced from Source? If these are what we wish to do? Is this for our well-being? Is this bringing us joy? Is this springing out of unconditional love?

This is a good time to simplify life. A good time to detoxify. A  good time to discard the unnecessary.

It is time to embrace the new I.

In this brave new world that is emerging, there is no room for hate. No room for bondage. No room for servitude. Only for endless love, for joy, for freedom and for authenticity. We as humans cannot afford to veil our true selves into being what others have defined for us. We are the spokespersons for ourselves, for being the bridges for what is eager to flow through us from the non-physical.

We are powerful beings that we were as a new born child! Now even more because of the life we have lived thus far. Let us remember the eagerness with which we birthed into this magnificent earth.

Let us shine our light far and wide! May this Universe become even more expansive because you and I are living a life of Grace and Joy! Let well-being be the norm and let every small part of this Universe co-exist in Harmony.