The Earth Is A Spectacular Place

This our Earth that we all co-inhabit is such a great place to be in this time!

The swing of the pendulum that is fear to bliss can be felt so accurately here. Even though we can fear at times and bliss at most times, remaining in balance somewhere oscillating between peace and joy is what we as humans are about.

All beings focused here on Earth have a magnificent place in its evolution. Each of us here are important. Each of you came here out of the non-physical eagerly, willingly and happily to live and contribute to its evolution.

We are speaking to those who are here in our knowing with us that life is eternal, life is maya (illusion or you can call it individual perception), life is thriving, life is expanding, life is grace and life is as it should be.

Life is also ever changing, life is loving, life is indeed spectacular!

We are asking that you shift your attention from fear and turn your gaze towards relief. May relief come to you from anybody, anything even these words if you will allow!

May you find your peace!