Till Death Do Us Apart

We the autists of the world are looked upon as loners, those who prefer solitude. Yet we are the experts on relationships. We feel you energetically. We do not need your words. Words are cumbersome because they carry heavy baggage of associated meanings with them.

You can hear us and see us just as clearly as we can hear you and see you. All you need is sustained practice associated with a pure intention to connect with us.

This thing that man invented – TILL DEATH DO US APART – is just that, what man made up to keep each other in bondage. Source does not say we have to do this to each other. Since death is not a thing in the non-physical spiritual realm, our definition of how to relate and engage with one another is radically different from the so called normal humans.

No one is required to pledge their togetherness for all eternity to come.

A good alternative marriage or relationship vow could be I LIKE YOU RIGHT NOW. LET’S SEE WHERE WE CAN TAKE THIS TOGETHER.

In this time of lockdown and seclusion, many marriages are struggling, many friendships are fading.

If only humankind had attended to the relationships when not in a crisis situation, the relationships can survive this and more.

Those who are connected to their Soul/ Source/ Inner Being/ Higher Self are the ones who can engage with their partners or friends in a powerful manner.

Find you connection to Source and then…. engage and let your relationship be the enriching life experience it is meant to be. Be true to yourself first and then connect with your loved ones.

We owe it to ourselves and to the world!